2019 Beaver Creek PTO

Spring Fun Run/Fundraiser

Hello Beaver Creek!

This has been a long winter! Are your kids ready to play outside? Have they noticed the piece of missing playground equipment at Beaver Creek? Are they ready for a new piece to play on?

We are happy to announce that all of the funds donated to our 5th annual Spring Fun Run Fundraiser will be able to do just that- buy a new piece of playground equipment for all of our kids to enjoy! And we want YOU to decide which option would be best!

We have worked with a playground specialist to come up with some options that will fit in the space of the old slide. Our goal of $8,000 will cover any of the pieces elected along with the installation. And we will be able to start playing on it this spring!

Please use the PayPal link below to contribute!

Thank you for your support!


Nine Grants Awarded!

Thanks to your generosity, we had a successful 2018 Fall Fundraiser raising over $7,400! The PTO applies this money to the needs around the school. Teachers and staff are asked in November to submit grant requests and the Budget and Grant committee met in January to review them. Our criteria for awarding grants is to reach as many students as possible for multiple years in order to have your donations make the most impactful.

Below is the list of items that were granted. You will be able to see them in use around the school as early as this spring.

To the Reading Support Teachers: 3 Rime Magic Programs = $265

To the Kindergarten: STEAM materials for the pod = $549

To the First Grade Teachers: 4 Osmos kits = $756

To the Physical Education Teachers: Croquet and Bocce Sets = $818

To the Fifth Grade: Fantasy books with varied reading levels = $867

To Mr Gomez: flexible seating = $293

To Ms. Elmitt: flexible seating = $651

To the Third Grade: Detective games for the Osmos = $312

To each pod: multiple snow pants lending program = $500

The PTO also gives a $4,000 back-to-school grant that is distributed among the teachers to be used for their classroom needs. We want to support our teacher’s educational ideas and help them meet any needs they see in their classrooms to enable them to support our kids.

In addition to the Fall Fundraising donations, we used money raised from apparel sales, a restaurant night and funds that were saved from the pod furniture purchase the previous year to cover all of the grants.

Thank you for your support and generous giving. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at bcpto.president@gmail.com

Thank you,

Nicole Rourke

BC PTO President 2018-19